Gap Medics

Our story

Our story began in 2005, when founder Dave Brown and his friend Omar Mohamed set up a program to support final-year medical students wanting to broaden their experience with an overseas placement before graduating. The success of that program – called Work the World – led to interest from students at an earlier stage of their education, who wanted shadowing experience before they began their clinical training.

The result was the formation in 2010 of a new program with an exclusive focus on observational experience for pre-clinical healthcare students. The new program (called Gap Medics as it was designed to help bridge the gaps between high school, college and medical school) opened in May 2010 with a single site hosting up to 14 students in the remote town of Iringa in Tanzania, East Africa.

Gap Medics expanded rapidly, introducing programs in India, St Lucia, Thailand and Czech Republic. By 2014, we operated three sites in Tanzania alone, hosting up to 225 students at one time in peak season and providing livelihoods for more than 50 permanent local staff.

Evolution has been central to our success, and every year changes in local conditions, politics and many other factors have created opportunities for us to open new locations – sometimes expanding our portfolio, and sometimes replacing older programs. Crucially, our undivided focus always remains on one thing: Hospitals that can provide a truly valuable student experience, coupled with a location that has that all-important Gap Medics feel.

Our evolution is continuing, and although our permanent programs for individual students remain the largest part of our operations, we are increasingly working with larger groups of students to create bespoke experiences tailored to specific learning objectives and social preferences.

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