General Practitioner Salary: How Much Can You Earn As A GP?

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Most med students tend to discount general practice simply because of the bad rap it has got with regards to the lack of excitement in the cases they deal with and also with regards to the earning potential..

The general opinion is that specialty doctors make far more money than their GP counterparts and the medicine they practice is far more exciting. While this statement may not be entirely false, it is not entirely true either. How much you make and how exciting your practice is depends on a whole lot of factors.

Generally, general practitioners in Australia earn good money. Exactly how much any one GP makes will depend upon the nature of the practice, the number of work hours a week, the place of work and the location of the workplace. GPs also have the opportunity to run their own medical practice with their own preference of flexible working hours.

Take a look at some of the stats that came up in several surveys on GP salaries in Australia.

  • The average income for a full time general practitioner in Australia is about $200,000 or more a year.
  • The average annual income of GPs in Australia is higher than that of family practitioners in most other parts of the world. Australian GPs earn more than their Canadian, French and German counterparts.
  • While it is true that the average GP income is less than that of other medical specialists, most general practitioners will attest to the fact that their lifestyle of flexible, sociable hours and more part-time options is far better than money in the bank.

So how much can you earn as a GP registrar in Australia?

During the first 2 GP terms, there are 2 earning models for Australian GPs

  • Set salary model
  • Percentage of billing model

In the set salary model, the minimum salary of GPs in terms 1 & 2 are set by the National Minimum Terms and Conditions (NMTC) for GP registrars. This is renegotiated every 2 years.

Generally, registrars first start at a base rate, but they can change over to a percentage of billings as soon as they start seeing patients more consistently.

Sample Salary Of A GP Registrar In Term 1

Urban GP registrar – $103,575 – $113,930 with no procedural work
Rural & remote registrar – $145,005 – $186,435 with procedural work

This is with:

  • approximately 45% of earned billings
  • doing eight weekly clinical sessions
  • seeing on average three patients an hour
  • billing patients privately at $65 an hour

Sample Salary Of A GP Registrar In Term 2

Urban general practitioner – $153,365 – $170,900 with no procedural work

Rural & remote general practitioner – $217,510 – $279,655 with procedural work

This is with:

  • approximately 50% of earned billings
  • doing nine weekly clinical sessions
  • seeing on average four patients an hour
  • billing patients privately at $65 an hour

All of this is without having to so any overtime or after hours work and inclusive of four weeks annual leave.

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