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Dentistry is one of the highest growing specialisations in the medical field. Not only is it a challenging and interesting career, it is also very highly paid. For anyone wishing to enter the dental field, there are a number of career options to choose from within this specialisation. These are some of the most commonly available career options for dentists.

Work in a hospital

A lot of dentists work alongside physicians and other doctors in a hospital. They treat patients who may come to the hospital directly for dental care as well as those who suffer from other serious health problems and need to be treated for related dental issues. These dentists work in very highly challenging environments including operating theatres and emergency rooms.

A Gap Medics mentor explaining a procedure whilst treating a patient Start a private practice

Some dentists start their own practice and build their clientele on their own. These dentists often have the most flexibility since they can set their working hours and schedule appointments as per their convenience. Some others prefer starting private practices along with other dentists or doctors so that they do not need to invest as much money into the practice.

Work in public healthcare

For those who want to give back to the community or work in an environment that does not involve a private practice, there are a lot of opportunities in the public healthcare sector. If you get involved in this aspect of dentistry, you will be involved in spreading awareness about the necessity of dental health as well as treating people from various backgrounds who cannot afford or do not want private dental treatment.

Work with international organisations

Since dentists are in such a huge demand all over the world, there are a number of opportunities for people in this profession to get into large organisations such as the UNESCO and WHO. These organisations often hire dentists for various health drives in different parts of the world. Some dentists also opt to get placed in developing countries where they can work with underprivileged people.

The academic side of dentistry

There are two major fields for those who want to get into the academic aspect of dentistry.

– Teaching: The need for professors in dentistry is huge. Since this field has become so popular, teachers are always needed and they are highly respected and usually paid very well. A number of academic dentists also continue to practice their dentistry part time so you can have a nice mix of teaching as well as practical work.

– Research: For those who do not like teaching or interacting with others, the research option is the way to go. There are private companies that hire dentist researchers as well as a number of universities and medical associations that are always in need for technical writers in the dentistry field. Many research facilities are very well funded and you will have access to some of the latest technology that is available in this field. It is a great option for those who want to learn more about this field.

Within the field of dentistry, you can either choose to be a general practitioner or you can specialise in one of the many dentistry specialties such as endodontics, paediatric dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics or orthodontics.

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