Teaching Resources


At Gap Medics, we take hospital shadowing seriously. Our students spend at least 23 hours per week in our partner hospitals, shadowing their mentors, experiencing many different clinical settings during their placement. In the evenings students take part in global health tutorials 3 times per week for the first 2 weeks. This gives more insight into the healthcare system of the country that they’re on placement in. They also have time to get involved in cultural activities, which helps them to learn more about the local community.


Making friends and socialising with like-minded people is an important aspect of student life, especially to help cope with the workload. Our placements bring aspiring healthcare students from around the world together to share their passion. Whether they’re witnessing patient care firsthand, learning a foreign language, or helping out at an orphanage, our students are able to immerse themselves in the local community with others who share their interests and goals. It’s great to see our students keeping in touch with each other over social media and the many reunion outings set up each year for our alumni!


Many of our students are travelling abroad for the first time, that’s why we have a strong support system to make the experience less daunting. Gap Medics considers itself a family, although spread across the world we’re very close knit and our head office is in contact with our overseas staff every day. We believe strongly in making sure all of our students know they’re in safe hands as soon as their journey begins.

Before they go, students receive vital guidance from our UK team. Along with personalised email and phone support, students have access to My Gap Medics, our comprehensive online planner that is also a source of information about hospital placements, mentors, our houses, and their housemates. On arrival, you can rest assured that your students will be met at the airport by our in-country teams and catered to throughout their stay.

Bespoke Programmes

If you work for a school, college or university and you’d like to set up a bespoke placement programme for your students, we’d love to help!

Over the last 6 years we’ve taken thousands of students to our overseas destinations and guided them into their healthcare careers. We have strong relationships with our partner hospitals granting access to departments and treatments of varying levels across our European, African, Asian and Caribbean destinations.

We have a lot to offer your institution, whether that comes in the form of a special group rate, dedicated planning liaison, or onsite classroom space for faculty-led workshops – so if you have a proposal in mind, we would love to hear about it!