Can I Afford To Become A Doctor?

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While medical school can be prohibitively expensive, it is not reason enough to give up your dreams of becoming a doctor. The fact is there are financing options that you can consider. If you have your sights set on entering the field of medicine, you will have to be well-informed about the funding and financial options for your medical education course.


The delivery room in Tanzania Get Some Sound Advice 

The first thing you need to learn is the most effective way to manage your debt. Create a solid financial plan. You can check information on the AAMC’s ‘FIRST’, Medical Education site. It has a lot of information about the medical school application costs, information about the different types of loans, repayment options and various other related topics. You should know that despite access to resources such as these, the entire process can be quite overwhelming as you explore the pros and cons of the various options available. 

Another alternative is to zero-in on a financial aid advisor to help you with information and advice. Speak with different people from within the field like a resident, current medical student, a pre-health advisor or a financial aid officer. Most medical schools have financial aid information on their websites. Check those for some useful information. What is important is to make a note of all the relevant financial aid-related questions you can think of so you do not forget anything. 


Understand Various Repayment Options

There are numerous ways to repay and fund medical school loans. Those who are interested in pursuing a primary care career may be eligible to borrow the current average amount. The loan can be repaid with the average primary-care salary.

Service repayment programs are another repayment option. Loans can be repaid while you work through the military or public service, in an area that is medically underserved.


In surgery Don’t Let Your Dreams Slip Away Because Of Financial Constraints  

At first glance, paying for your medical education might seem like a daunting task and this may prove to be a deterrent for many pre-med students who tend to give up hope. Don’t let this happen to you. There are a few things that you can and must do towards achieving your medical career goals:


  • Stay true to your passion of becoming a doctor
  • Explore all available financial options thoroughly
  • Find a reliable mentor or advisor
  • If possible, enter medical school without or very minimal credit card debt
  • Be aware about how undergraduate loans work
  • Aim for less debt. This is one way of taking stress out of your years at medical school
  • Do not put application or interviewing costs on your credit card
  • Take the assistance of the financial aid office-staff at your college. They will be able to help with advice and solutions


On A Parting Note

One way to ensure that you repay your student loans successfully is to follow careful budgeting and planning. Focus on your goal of becoming a successful doctor and then walk the financial path one step at a time. And if ‘Can I afford to become a doctor’? is the one big question mark in your head, the answer to that is “Yes, you can, provided you plan wisely and save prudently”.

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