Clinical Shadowing for Pre-Nursing Students

Our nurse shadowing program has been developed for both pre-nursing students and those part way through a nursing degree course. It provides a first-hand insight into clinical nursing in a hospital environment with personal mentoring from an experienced R.N. (or other health professional, if more appropriate to your chosen setting).

Gap Medics is the leading provider of international pre-health student placements, having hosted more than 10,000 future nurses, doctors and midwives since 2010. Our placements in Europe and the Caribbean are available all year round, for as little as one week or as long as you like.

Your Nurse Shadowing Placement

In the weeks before your placement begins, your Gap Medics Student Experience Manager will work with you to match you to the most appropriate hospital departments and mentors, based on your stage of education and fields of interest. You can choose to focus on a specific area, such as child or adult nursing, surgery or maternity, or opt for a general placement to give you a more wide-ranging experience.

On day one of the placement itself, our local Student Coordinator will introduce you personally to your mentor – the nurse or other health professional who will be your supervisor and guide for your first week. Then it’s straight into your scrubs and immersed into the working hospital, all the time safely at your mentor’s side.

Our program is about experiential learning, and there is no taught syllabus. We will put you on the very front line, with the unique opportunity to learn through real-life experience, and the guidance of a committed mentor – but ultimately the value you get out of this experience will depend on the effort you put in.

We’ve put a great deal of work into developing strong partnerships with a wide range of hospitals, including specialist trauma and maternity facilities in the Dominican Republic and general hospitals in Croatia offering a broader range of departments. That portfolio allows us to offer placements across a wide spectrum of nursing fields, as well as in hugely differing cultural and economic settings.

Our specialist Placement Advisors can help you decide which program will provide the best and most relevant experience for you – and whichever program you choose, our weekly Global Health Tutorials led by local health professionals will help you better understand and interpret what you see during your clinical shadowing.

Joanna Laikin

My med school application will now look amazing and I’ll be able to talk about my experience in interviews and on my personal statement. Brilliant, super valuable.

Samantha Sulit

I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the healthcare. This was my first time watching surgeries and I felt comfortable with my team and my mentors. This makes me excited for my future and the steps I need to take to get to that future.

Stefania Kassaris

Dr. Becic was amazing! After any surgical procedure or clinic appointment, he would answer some of the questions we had before we even asked them. He drew us diagrams and explained procedures without ‘dumbing them down’ for us.

Paige Mavity

My nursing internship program was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the global health seminars, going on rounds with the nurses, and learning so many new things each day. I told my mentor that I was interested in learning more about anaesthesia, so she placed me in surgery with the anesthesiologist!

Sara Popovic

From learning how to do a physical check on a newborn baby to witnessing minor surgeries and even getting to help put a cast on a broken leg, my pre-nursing internship program was honestly a life-changing experience. I would highly recommend Gap Medics to anyone thinking of working in the medical field.

The Famous Gap Medics Social Life!

Undertaking a nursing placement in a busy hospital is an intense experience, especially in a foreign country, but our support service and the social side of our program make it a whole lot less daunting.

Wherever you go, you’ll live in one of our own safe, secure and super friendly Gap Medics houses. Rooms are shared with students of the same gender, which is a great way to help you quickly form friendships you’ll keep for years to come, and the lively atmosphere around the social areas and gardens with private swimming pools is a huge part of what makes our programs so popular.

Around half our students come from the United States, with the rest coming from the UK, Australia, and many other countries around the world. As well as that peer support, every program has a dedicated Gap Medics staff team made up of passionate local people under the leadership of an experienced Program Manager. From the person who meets you at the airport, to the chef who cooks your meals and the Student Coordinator who will personally introduce you to your hospital mentors – all are part of the Gap Medics family.

Our Ethics

Gap Medics is a proudly ethical business, and we take seriously our opportunity – our responsibility – to contribute to the communities in which we work.

It’s very important to us that our partner hospitals gain real benefit from the program, and part of the fee you pay goes directly to them. This extra income stream is a huge help to hospitals that often struggle with under-funding, allowing them to buy equipment, medicines, beds, and even employ extra staff as a direct result of receiving students.

We pass on a further proportion of your fee to the individual doctor who personally mentors you each week, an important recognition of their value to the program. In hospitals where funding limitations often mean losing the best clinicians to private practice or the draw of better pay overseas, the extra income our mentors receive has a real impact in retaining talent to serve the local population.

Our Operations Managers put a great deal of focus on professional ethics when working with our partner hospitals to ensure that the presence of students doesn’t compromise safety (their own or other people’s) or patient care. Placements are strictly observational, except where the supervising clinician allows students to undertake activities appropriate to their level of training and under close supervision.

We also believe passionately in respecting and taking care of our natural environment, and that influences every operational decision we take. We are gradually converting as many of our houses as we can to solar energy and installing reverse osmosis water purifiers to cut the use of plastic water bottles. We use fresh, local, seasonal ingredients in the food we cook wherever possible, and some of our houses already compost our food waste to feed the garden to grow more.

Get involved!

Our program is designed with the flexibility to fit around the other commitments of busy pre-health students who join us from all over the world. Placements are available starting any week of the year, and you can choose to spend from one week to as long as you like (most students choose between two and four weeks, to give a good insight into several different specialities).

Apply using our simple online Application Form, and you can pay the Registration Fee ($450) securely online to immediately secure a position on our waiting list. One of our expert Placement Advisors will then contact you by phone or email to confirm your placement, guide you through the next steps of the process, and get you set up on our online preparation portal, My Gap Medics.

If we do not have availability for your preferred destination and dates, we’ll work with you to find an alternative option – or refund your Registration Fee in full if we are unable to offer you a placement at all. Please bear in mind that our programs are very popular, especially between May and August, so the earlier in advance you can apply the more likely you are to get your first choice.

The remaining cost of your placement depends on the destination you choose and number of weeks (see our Prices page). This covers a comprehensive package that includes your hospital placement, professional mentoring, global health tutorials, accommodation in our own Gap Medics House, food prepared fresh by our in-house Chef and personal support from our friendly team every step of the way.