Service Learning

Gap Medics Service Learning

Deepen your experience and earn college credit for your pre-health program

Gap Medics is excited to announce that Carroll College will be serving as the School of Record for our international pre-health internship programs. What that means is that you can now earn college credit for your Gap Medics program by pairing it with a course designed in partnership with Carroll College. Welcome to Gap Medics Service Learning!

How It Works

For every 30 hours of relevant Gap Medics experience – whether from the hospital, global health seminars, volunteering, or cultural activities – you have the potential to earn one credit from Carroll College. By taking initiative with your time, carefully recording and reflecting upon your experiences abroad, and completing the Gap Medics Service Learning course requirements, you could earn one credit per week of Gap Medics placement!

Please note that before applying for a credit-bearing Gap Medics Service Learning program, you should seek the advice and approval of your home school, college or university. Any financial aid eligibility will be calculated and administered solely and exclusively by your home institution. To learn more about School of Record relationships, you can visit the Forum on Education Abroad’s guidelines.

Applying for Gap Medics Service Learning

Apply and register for a Gap Medics program, indicating that you would like to pursue college credit on your application. If you have already registered for a Gap Medics program, you can contact your student experience manager to enquire about Gap Medics Service Learning.

Receive and complete a two-page Carroll College application and transcript request and return it to Gap Medics at least 45 days before you travel, making sure to pay your $675 Gap Medics Service Learning fee.

Receive your proof of enrolment at Carroll College from Gap Medics.

Receive and review your student portfolio a couple of weeks before you travel, which contains important information and instructions for fulfilling the Carroll College/Gap Medics course requirements.

Enjoy your Gap Medics placement while keeping a daily journal, participating in global health seminars, answering reflective essay prompts and recording your hours.

Email your completed student portfolio to your student experience manager within a week of completing your program. You will receive a certificate of completion from Gap Medics and a pass/fail grade from Carroll College. Your transcript can be sent straight to your home university or directly to you.