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Hospital Work Experience in Rwanda this November

Transform your university application & add excitement to your gap year with a hospital shadowing placement

Our programmes designed exclusively for over 18s, will give you a spectacular insight into your future career by observing medical professionals treating patients. Our partner hospital in Rwanda allows you to see the fascinating goings-on of some of the busiest hospital departments in the country. Whether it’s surgery or paediatrics you’re attracted to, we will have departments to suit your interests. What better way to wow future interviewers or add excitement to your gap year.

Your Hospital Placement

On our launch programme in Kigali this November you will shadow a health professional of your choice in our partner hospital, gaining a brand new understanding of your chosen career.

You will be allocated a personal mentor each week that you are on the programme to answer any questions you have. While the doctors are aware you’re not medically trained, they will encourage you to observe as much as you possibly can, from surgeries to childbirth.  Attending our global health tutorials will also make you aware of the specific health issues experienced in your host country that can be so different to what you would encounter in the UK.

For budding nurses, doctors, midwives, and dentists, you have the chance to get some incredible, eye-opening experience before you go to Medical School next year!

Your Adventure

Rwanda today is an exceptionally safe, welcoming little nation in East Africa with a thriving tourist industry centred on the silverback gorillas that inhabit the forested slopes of its almighty volcanoes. It’s a far cry from the terrible genocide of 1994 that many people associate with the country, and this is an exciting time to be part of the evolution of Rwanda’s healthcare system. The passionate determination of doctors, nurses and other health professionals is inspirational and through distributing mosquito nets throughout the population, the country has managed to hugely reduce the prevalence of malaria.

There’s no mistaking that you’ve landed in Africa when you arrive in Kigali, with the bustling streets and women in colourful local dress carrying mind-boggling loads on their heads! The city itself is lovely, with clean streets that are safe to walk on well into the evening. There’s a cosmopolitan feel too, with outdoor coffee shops, great restaurants and live music playing in the bars.

Rwanda is famous for its silverback gorillas and at the weekend the trek to visit them in their natural forest home is undoubtedly a highlight. Alternatives are Lake Kivu, with its natural hot springs, volcanoes; canoe adventures and laid back waterfront accommodation, or the many national parks that protect Rwanda’s huge array of wonderful wildlife.

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