Hospital Work Experience

A Gap Medics placement puts you at the heart of a busy working hospital, shadowing doctors in their clinical work - from the wards to the emergency room, operating theatres and clinics.

We offer separate dedicated programmes for school/college students and over 18s:

Medical Work Experience Abroad

Work experience placements in hospitals abroad have become increasingly popular for students seeking to boost their UCAS application to medical school, both during gap years and in school and university holidays. There can be considerable value in such placements, but there are also risks.

Since 2010, Gap Medics has led this industry, safely hosting well over 10,000 students and providing well-organised placements in trusted hospitals. What sets us apart from other organisations offering cheaper alternatives is that we operate everything ourselves. From the team in our Newcastle Head Office to the people who research and set up our programmes, so the person who meets you at the airport and even the chef who cooks your food – all are directly recruited, trained and managed by us.

This control we have is at its most important in the hospital itself, and it’s a member of our own staff, a Gap Medics Placement Coordinator, who will personally introduce you to the doctors who mentor you and be on hand throughout your placement, should you need any help.

Read more about our programmes for school and college students or our gap year and over 18s programmes.

The Gap Medics Ethos

Our priority is to provide our students with a genuinely valuable learning experience by shadowing the health professionals they aspire to become safely in their front-line clinical work. Providing that experience sustainably requires us to operate in a way that benefits everyone involved; a win-win philosophy that guides all of our operational decisions.

Our partner hospitals benefit through the fees that we pay for each student, helping to provide much-needed equipment and resources when budgets are tight. In addition to these, we pay separate fees directly to the individual doctors who mentor our students – serving both to motivate them as strong mentors and also incentivising good clinicians to remain in government posts treating local people, rather than moving overseas or into private practice.

As the leader in our field, we also take seriously our responsibility towards the communities and environments in which we work. We employ local people on good salaries, use of solar technology in some of our houses, compost kitchen waste for our own vegetable gardens (that also provides the freshest food for our students!) and help students volunteer in local orphanages after placement.