Gap Year And Graduate Entry Medicine Work Experience

(Under 18? please visit our hospital placements for students aged 16-17 page)

Our hospital work experience placements for gap year students and undergraduates considering graduate entry medicine offer an unparalleled insight into the world of clinical medicine and surgery – putting you on the front line, shadowing experienced doctors in their day-to-day work across Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.

Our track record providing placements for more than 10,000 students, helping them begin their journeys to become the next generation of health professionals, together with our world-class student support service, has given us an unrivalled reputation.

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Your Gap Year Hospital Work Experience

Gap Medics placements are all about being immersed in a real-life hospital environment. You’ll don your scrubs and spend each week in a different department, following your mentor across a range of clinical settings, such as the operating theatre, inpatient wards, emergency and intensive care units and consultation rooms.

Relevant medical volunteer work is a great way to spend part of your gap year if you’re looking to re-apply to medicine with a stronger C.V. Doing this abroad not only doubles as a perfect opportunity for some adventurous travel, but also provides a fascinating introduction to some of the incredible diversity in global healthcare delivery.

Graduate Entry Medicine Work Experience

Our placements are popular with current undergraduates studying biomedical sciences, access to medicine, and even unrelated courses with a view to converting to medicine, during university holidays (placements can be from one week to as long as you like).

The value of this experience – how it can help inform your future career choices and enhance your UCAS application to medical school – is ultimately down to the effort you put in. We will provide you with a uniquely valuable opportunity to experience the clinical world first-hand; approach it with an open mind, take in everything around you, and find your own ways to use it to demonstrate what you’ve learnt on your personal statement and in interviews. That’s what medical schools want to see.

The Famous Gap Medics Social Life…

Whether you’re on a gap year or one of our short holiday placements, life’s meant to be fun! With students from around the world, private swimming pools, bbqs, communal chillout rooms and anything from paradise beaches and dug-out canoe safaris to ski resorts and trekking with wild gorillas nearby, our homes from home really make the adventure.

Each of our programmes is run by the local Gap Medics team – a dedicated bunch of super fun people employed specifically to give you the best few weeks of your life! We even have an in-house chef, and a housekeeper to clean your room while you’re out at placement 🙂

Get Involved – It’s Easy!

You can choose any weekend of the year to start your placement, and stay for one week or as long as you want. Start with our simple online Application Form, and we’ll just need a registration fee of £290 to secure your place on the programme and let you access our full preparation service, including your personal Student Experience Manager in our Newcastle Head Office.

The remaining cost of your placement depends on the destination you choose and number of weeks (see our Prices page). This covers a comprehensive package that includes your hospital placement, professional mentoring, global health tutorials, accommodation, food and 24/7 support from our UK and overseas team.