Physician Associate

International Physician Associate Work Experience

Whether you are currently working toward your undergraduate degree or have already graduated, you are ready to dive into a postgraduate physician associate programme. With a great need for trained health professionals of all skill levels throughout the country, it is your ambition to answer that call with your knowledge and drive. But do you have the real work experience you need to support your application? Furthermore, have you begun to consider all the options available when it comes to specialism?

At Gap Medics, we know that a global education can make all the difference to a student’s development, both as an individual and an applicant (just ask any of our 8,000+ programme alumni). Whether you seek insight for your university interviews or confidence in your career choice, our pre-university work experience programme will place you right in the heart of an international hospital or clinic to observe real physicians at work.

Our physician associate programme is open all year, and you can attend for as many weeks as you like (we recommend two). Programmes begin on Sundays and end on Saturdays, leaving ample time for you to arrive at and depart from your destination.

Observe Real Clinicians in Working Hospitals

You will be placed in a Gap Medics partner hospital or clinic the Monday after your arrival, and you will spend weekdays shadowing your dedicated mentor in healthcare. We partner with busy facilities around the world that offer a variety of specialist departments for students to explore. Our partner hospitals undergo a rigorous vetting process before they are able to host our students, ensuring an unbeatable standard of quality when it comes to the educational value and academic rigour of our programme.

Each week, we will place you in a department carefully selected by us to ensure you receive the most relevant and comprehensive observational opportunities.  If you have an interest in a specific medical specialism, simply indicate your interests on your application and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Your department mentor will be a professional clinician working in medicine. They will help you get the most from your experience by providing clear guidance and supervision as you learn to break down barriers in the patient wards and observe surgeries in the operating theatres. We work very closely with our partner hospitals to ensure that our mentors are fully qualified and understand the educational aims of our programme.

You will also attend global health tutorials throughout your placement. Our hospital mentors host these informal sessions at the Gap Medics house, focussing on the local cultural, social, and economic factors that will help you understand and interpret what you see in the hospital each day.

Supporting Your Work Experience Programme Abroad

We believe that all members of our staff have a responsibility to protect and care for our students, and our greatest pride is the relaxed family environment that we create to help foster your education and exploration. In addition to chefs, housekeepers, night managers, and security teams, Gap Medics houses also employ dedicated placement coordinators to help support and guide you throughout your physician associate programme.

Your placement coordinators will brief you at the Gap Medics house, accompany you to the hospital, and introduce you to your mentors. As experts on our destinations and offerings, these friendly individuals also love to advise our students on local travel opportunities and facilitate exciting and inclusive on-site activities – so if you fancy a game of volleyball, a traditional barbecue, or a table-football tournament, they will have you covered.