Clinical Shadowing
Pre-Health Students

1-12 week placements in Europe and the Caribbean
Bespoke group projects in Asia and Africa

More than just a hospital placement, a real life experience for future health professionals

Our residential programs are respected around the world for providing the healthcare professionals of tomorrow with safe and ethical opportunities to shadow medical doctors, nurses and midwives. With the support of our expert staff both in and out of the hospital, students experience an unrivalled learning opportunity and a personal journey of self development.

We have programs for both high school and university pre-health students, with permanent programs for individual students to join all year round in Croatia and Dominican Republic. We also provide a bespoke service for groups of 100+ students in Thailand and Tanzania, usually organized by a University Chapter of Gap Medics or a student society, and tailored to the specific learning and service objectives of the group.

If you’re looking to combine clinical shadowing with adventurous travel and the chance to connect with new friends from around the world, this program is for you.

11,830 students since 2010

  • 16 Gap Medics Houses since 2010
  • 544,180 hours of shadowing experience
  • 76 health professionals as Gap Medics mentors

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